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How sick would it be if we could go surf barrels together?

Joram and I together with our two lovely ladies met for a second time in Northern Spain. Joram was doing a test trip in the ford transit he just had build out, to be his home for the next year. I was already traveling a few months in my own converted baby blue Iveco daily and I was on my way back home from Portugal. We squeezed in a meetup in Asturias Northern Spain.

We ended up spending the whole week together, surfing, hiking and making a video for the Adventure wear collection Joram had just launched with Vagabundo-Wear. I don’t really remember how we ended up deciding to start this Barrelstate project, but it may have gone something like this;

We just had finished some delicious Spanish cheese potatoes and homemade pizza’s at the campsite in near playa Vega. The whole crew spend the day filming while doing a beautiful hike (that maybe was a bit to challenging) through the Picos de Europa. I remember feeling very humbled and grateful; stacking the final piece of cheese potatoes in my mouth, while being a little high still from the physical effort and the mountain air.

The girls went to sleep a little early that day and me and Joram decided the evening was still too young for us boys to go to sleep. Heavy winds were coming up and we both knew that meant no surf in the morning. As a result there may have flooded a good amount of wine and before we knew the evening wasn’t that young anymore. Joram who’s been chatting all evening and telling story’s as only he is able to tell suddenly becomes serious whilst we are talking about our surf and life goals.

‘Zef, How sick would it be if we could go surf barrels together?’.

I at the time was very enthousiast about the idea and as the boys we are, we made a pact that night. I really didn’t knew this question was going to have an impact so big on my life as I know now while writing this today. One thing is for sure; at the time, the boys were not knowing what they were getting themselves into…

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