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Barrelstate is a collaboration surf project of two beginner surfers who chase the ultimate surfers dream: Surfing perfect, fast, hollow, blue barrels with a glimpse of style. How two unexperienced surfers quit their jobs and went surfing. Now they will dedicate 3 years of their life to learn the way of living a barrel state of mind.

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Zef Smits

Founder and filmmaker

Zef is a young creative, a passionate surfer and filmmaker with big dreams and an urge to explore. he can't resist always pushing boundaries to get the ultimate frame. A minimalist in life except when it comes to camera and surf gear.

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Joram Wertoy

Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Joram may be the more experienced in life, but in the water he feels like a student of the world again. After working as a bank officer for over 10 years he turned his life around to live the Barrel state of mind. He loves to expierence new spots to the fullest and if lost, you will find him chatting up with the locals.
Handles a camera well to.

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